Special Event at the OSAKA Store!

We like to make this special announcement to the fans who live around Osaka area
that the designer Fumiko Kwawamura of 『Enchantlic Enchantilly』will be here at the Osaka Store!

December 21 (Sat) 2013

◆Event Content◆
Consisting of 4 big events from Enchantlic Enchantilly!!

1)Novelty Give-away
On the event date, we offer the special novelty item and Xmas card for the customers who purchase Enchantlic Enchantilly product(s).

2)New Release & Special One-Off item
New Design and One-Off item(s) from Enchantlic Enchantilly, which are prepared for this event, will debut and go on sale at the event! The detail information on the items will be kept secret, so come and check it out for yourself at the event!

3)Sample Sale
Very rare sample items will go on sale at the special discount rate just for the day, they will be limited and available only for the event!

4)Taking orders for the new release
We will be taking orders for the new release『The Castle of Otrantoオーバースカート』! A sample will be displayed at the store for you to see! Try it out at the store to see how gorgeous and ravishing it looks on you.
With placing an order for this, we will offer the double point on your membership card!

Take advantage of this miraculous opportunity, and enjoy the event to the fullest!
We all look forward to seeing you all at the Osaka Store!

*All staff from Osaka Store*